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New 'Hands-On' Solutions you can Master in just 30 days 

Welcome to Foot Mobilisation Therapies [FMT]

FMT is a new MSK discipline for the lower limb that compliments existing treatments like orthotic therapy, physiotherapy and exercise rehab. 

NEW FMT Online Course

The FMT eCourse is for podiatrists, physios and other physical therapists who are keen to develop your manual therapies skill set so you can get the clinical outcomes that may have previously eluded you or you had to refer out to another health practitioner.  

Specifically, it’ll give you an incredibly useful treatment option for those MSK cases that get better, but not best. Cases like Achilles Tendinitis, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome or Plantar Heel Pains. Even knee, hamstring and hip problems will be within your reach. 

Master amazing new skills in just 30 days!

With FMT in your toolkit you’ll be at the leading edge of your profession, offering a unique treatment that can make a profound difference to your patients.  

It’s important to understand that being skilled in FMT enables you to help your aged granny, or the world’s top elite athletes… and everyone in between. TAM can be a life-changing skill set. That’s what so many of my students have told me.  

Hi Ted, just wanted to say thank you for an interesting and inspiring new way for Podiatry. This option is amazing! Can't believe how I worked without it! Karen S., Podiatrist UK

But a quick comment about what FMT doesn’t help. FMT is not suitable for: 

  •  hyper-mobile patients
  •  patients with tarsal coalitions
  •  bony blocks
  • osteo-chondral lesions
  • neurological etiologies, to name a few. 

We’ll cover the full list of contra-indications in your tutorials.  

FMT Online is the First Training of its kind that:

  • Incorporates a proven MSK treatment into existing clinics 
  • Enhances your existing services like orthotic therapy and exercise therapy all within a single protocol in a time-efficient service 
  • Assumes you have no manual therapy skills. Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing to delivering highly effective MSK assessment and treatment services. 
  • Holds your hand through each step of each tednique by video and private Facebook group support. 
  • Gives you access to the training in the comfort of your own home or office. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can access the course and it’s yours forever.  

What's in the FMT Course?


FMT Physiological & Biomechanical Rationale so that you will have a clear evidence base to incorporating FMT into your existing services such as Orthotic Therapy. 

FMT Precautions is the concise list of Contraindications & Precautions you need to be aware of when using FMT treatments. 

FMT Skills draws on simple, effective drills to develop your surface anatomy and palpation skills for Master Ninja FMT status.

FMT Documentation provides recommended documentation of FMT treatments including: 

  • Initial Assessment
  • Informed Consent
  • Regular FMT Treatments. 



FMT 1 Protocol dives into the most effective assessment and treatment techniques for your MSK cases.

FMT 1 Comprehensive dives into the the full range of assessment, diagnosis and treatments using FMT. 

FMT 1 GoPro reveals every technique from the practitioner's perspective. 

Exercises gives you the full library of Rehab Exercises that work effectively with FMT 

FMT Evidence & References provides the most up-to-date research so you can be confident your FMT work is ‘evidence based’. 

As a FMT student, you’ll be in a course full of like-minded, enthusiastic practitioners keen to develop and share their experiences. 

You’ll join an exclusive private Facebook group where you get direct access to me and other FMT experts to help you master FMT and your manual therapy skills. 

What others have asked before enrolling in to this Course:

But hang on, ‘learning a new discipline?’ That’s going to take a lot of work isn’t it? 

Everything worthwhile does take time and effort. But if you can allocate 1 hour per week for 6 weeks, you will cover all of the essential theoretical elements of FMT. 

Then set up 15 mins per day for quality practical skill development and you will be amazed at the skillset you will acquire in just 30 days! 

The lessons helped me clarify the order of ‘what’ to do and ‘when’. Made me feel not only that I could do it but that I really want to do it.' 

Nena Jukes, Podiatrist, Eye UK

I find it hard to learn a new skill. 

The FMT course is structured in clear, logical sections of: 

1. Welcome + Orientation 

2. Clinical Theory 

3. Physiological Principles 

4. FMT Tedniques 

You’ll find the clarity of the lessons a breeze to navigate and with Ted’s personality, you might even find the lessons enjoyable! 

Is online learning as effective as live training? 

The modern age of the internet means we can provide training resources like videos, audios, pdf downloads for you to access when and where it suits you. 

Save massively on the costs of attending live workshops with no travel or hotel charges. PLUS no need to close your clinic to attend a couse. 

Avoid missing precious home/family time by choosing your preferred CPD times in the convenience of your own home or clinic.

You’ll have lifetime access including all updates that inevitably happen as research progresses. This means you can also review lessons and extract new distinctions (just like seeing new things in a movie you see for the second time!). 

As with all Ted's courses I have found them to be of great value to me and my practice. I have used it and implemented it and it works. It is a great tool as you can watch it over and over again. It is funny how many things you realise you have missed watching it the first time. 

Pete Shelton, Podiatrist, Sunshine Coast QLD

I’ve bought courses before but ended up not completing them… 

Yes, so have I and that can be very disappointing. That’s why we’ve created this course with you in mind. 

I’m sure you didn’t have a ‘road map’ that guided you step-by-step though every part of the course. 

The FMT course is structured in easy, digestible chunks so that you can gain a skill and apply it immediately without being overwhelmed by a mass of information. 

I’ve learnt new skills before but never ended up applying them. 

You’ll receive regular email updates and support to help you overcome any hurdles you might face. Some students even call them ‘motivational’! 

Our success rate with our students is very good because we distill each lesson into the essential practical pieces you can apply with ease. We also provide you with specific recommendations for incorporating your skills into your existing clinic with ease. 

We’ve personally tried, tested and experienced just about every clinical circumstance you can imagine so rest assured, we’ll be able to help you here.

Ted's follow-up is exceptional. Regular emails are sent to keep me motivated, up-to-date and to keep my Manual Therapy skills 'top of mind'. We've had some great instructors come to the Great White North but none have had the impact like Ted!

Greg Lawrence Podiatrist, Georgetown, Canada

How will I know if I'm doing it right?

Each FMT Tednique has its own benchmarks and video for you to check your skills against. 

But if you’re still not completely sure you have the tedniques nailed, film yourself and send it to us for feedback.

 The private Facebook group is also a great place to post your tednique videos and get feedback.  

What's your Guarantee?

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten great value, and are better skilled to help more people, then let us know and we will refund you. 

You just have to send us your completed worksheets and video clips of the techniques you’ve learnt. We don’t think it’s fair to refund you if you haven’t applied the skills, strategies and exercises we have provided for you. 

But if you’ve done the work and can’t help even more people with FMT, then we’ll certainly refund your payment in full. And you’re going to have a whole year to test this all out so there’ll be no pressure on you. 

How much is the FMT Course?

The retail fee for the new Online FMT Training including the tutorials, the technique skill training and the exclusive private Facebook group is $997USD 

We have an Exclusive Limited Offer for the new FMT Online Course. 

You can save $500USD this week by using the Coupon Code ‘FMT GIFT’ (no quote marks) making the fee only $497

You have 2 Payment Options:

You can simply pay your first instalment of only $97 and then monthly instalments for a further five months. 

You’ll save four hundred and fifteen dollars on the retail fee. 

Or you can save a total of five hundred dollars with a single payment of only $497

All you have to do to get started is click the ‘BUY NOW’ button on this page. You’ll then automatically be directed to the payment page. It’s that easy.  

Once your payment has been completed, Kajabi, the hosting platform, will automatically send you your login details so you can get started immediately! 

And you’ll have lifetime access to the course and all updates that happen in the future. 

Remember, you’re only one click away from helping more people like never before! 

Dr Lil + Ted Jedynak